FAQ's about our Secret Sista Swaps

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FAQ's about our Secret Sista Swaps Empty FAQ's about our Secret Sista Swaps

Post  Clair18F on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:27 am

1. What am I swapping?
We are swapping sig tags!! Each month there will be a theme and everyone will receive a pal to swap tags with. You can make them yourself or collect them for your pal.

2. Where do we do the swapping??
We have our own fotki site that we post everything to. Everyone uses the same name and password to log in so that we are able to keep the game anonymous.

3. Do I have to be a tagger to join in on the fun?
No. Many people are involved in many different tagging groups where they are able to request tags from others to give to their sista. I run a tagging group if you are looking to have another place to get great tags!! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theSiggyPiggys/

4. Where can I learn how to add names onto blank tags that I find?
There are two online free websites that you can use to add names. www.online-image-editor.com and http://www.blibs.com/editor/

5. Where can I find blank tags?
You can find a huge selection of things on photobucket.com, tinypic.com and fotki.com if you are not involved in any other groups that send blanks through for sharing.

6. What is a mass tag?
A mass tag is a tag that is made for everyone participating in the game. The taggers will make them for everyone currently participating in the game!

7. Do I need my own fotki account to play?
No. We have our own fotki account that everyone uses. We all use the same name and password to log in during the game.

8. What if I don't know how to use fotki?
Please check out our instructions on how to use fotki. If you have any questions please ask!!

9. When do you send out the information for us to leave tags for our pal?
The fotki login information will be given sometime after midnight on the day the new game is to launch. Keep in mind that I work nights, so I may not always be able to give out the information right at midnight (eastern time).

10. Is there a maximum amount of tags I can do for my pal?
This varies on each swap!

11. Where is a good place to snag tags for my pal?
Fotki is a great place to get tags. There are many taggers who keep all of their tags on the site for people to look through! Please keep do not snag for your pal off from our own fotki site as most likely it was tags that they received during another game!!

12. What happens if I get sick, lose my Internet, fotki doesn't like me, etc., and I'm unable to upload tags for my pal.
First thing I would do is to send me a private message so that way I know what's going on. If you don't let me know what is going on, it could hurt your chances in being able to participate in joining us the next time we do this! It looks better for me to cover for you than for your pal to have the lonely folder!!

13. What if my pal doesn't leave me anything on a day?
Please keep in mind that everyone's lives do not revolve around the computer and we all have lives outside of here. If you pal doesn't leave you your tags on a day, give them time. I try to keep up on who's not getting tags and try to find out what's going on. If it's been a few days then please let me know.

14. Help! The game is over and I don't know who my pal is, and I wanna thank them!
If they didn't leave you a message saying who they were, please let me know. This also can hurt someone's chances in participating the next game as it's a big part of the rules that I ask for. If there are many people who did not leave their identity for their pal, I send out my list through the group after it's over, but they should still send an email through the group!

15. Do I NEED to leave comments on my tags when I get them?
No...But please keep in mind that people like to be appreciated and thanked for things that they do!! Don't you enjoy reading the nice comments your pal has left for you on their tags too Very Happy

16. When do I tell my pal who I am??
After the game is over everyone can reveal themselves to their pal and give their thanks!!

17. What if I can't leave my pal something on a day because I'm outta town??
We give instructions on how to leave your pal anonymous notes during the game. If you know you won't be here on a day, let you pal know I'm going outta town and here are goodies early or I'm going outta town and will leave you things when I come back...whatever works for you...it's best to keep your pal in the know so that way I also know why you are missing.

18. Need help that isn't covered here??
There are many things that are covered in the rules section that is sent out. Many times I do not get online until nighttime. So you can always leave a message to the group and I'm sure that you'll get a response as many people in the group have played Smile Please do not get upset if nobody replies because it's something that is very clearly pointed out in the instructions! Yes, there is a lot of information to read, but it's only to help make it better for everyone playing!

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