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Post  Clair18F on Tue May 11, 2010 10:49 am

Anyone who refers another sista to the group can get 10 tags per referral** Here are the rules for getting them Smile

~Referral must be made upon joining the group or shortly after joining the group. Cannot let me know when joining in on the swap that so and so referred me.

~The person referred MUST join and COMPLETE a swap in order for you to receive any tags. If you're sista joins the swap, and then leaves the swap before completing things like all their tag requirements, thanking their pal...etc...then no tags. We do not tolerate this when anyone gets tags and doesn't give any so we will not give out extra tags for people who are not going to participate...

~Once your sista has completed their first swap, you will receive your 10 bonus tags on the NEXT swap you participate in. So say you skip the following swap after your referral, you will still get your bonus tags.

~Bonus tags will be placed in your swap folder at the end of the swap by whomever is running that current swap.

~You can only gain 10 bonus tags on each swap. If you refer 3 people at once, and all 3 people participate fully in the same swap, you still only get 10 bonus tags the following swap. You do not get a total of 30 do not get 10 tags for the next 3 swaps.

~(Currently) You have no limit on number of people referred to get bonus tags. If you refer one person a month who participates, you receive tags the following month.

~Check this thread for a list of approved referrals!!

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