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Versace Watches

In 1994, Gianni Versace designed a limited edition collection of jewellery watches, springing from collaboration between the famous designer Franck Muller, who developed and produced the collection in Geneva. Versace is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and attention to detail, and this is reflected in their watch collection.

Attention to detail, passion and devotion are Versace’s most distinguishing features. The watch collections espouse the brand’s seduction, the precision of Swiss watch-making and the sophistication of Italian fine jewellery. They combine Swiss precision engineering with Italian style. Respect for tradition combine with a constant search for perfection and Versace stands out for its impassioned study of the meaning and use of symbols and of different materials and stones.

The technological know-how of the Swiss watch-making tradition is a guarantee of quality and precision. The quality of every Versace watch is guaranteed by the ‘Swiss Made’ marking. Every chronograph is subject to strict controls and all products to rigorous tests. Versace watches offer exclusive designs for those who love to stand out.

Versace are constantly searching for precious, refined and innovative materials to use in their watches and jewellery. Diamonds and precious stones selected by expert gemmologist, high tech ceramic, 18 karat gold, anti-scratch sapphire crystal, especially selected premium leather are just some of the ingredients of the Versace product.

All Versace products conform to UN Resolutions, the Kimberly Process and the Guarantee System. Versace buys diamonds exclusively from legitimate sources, because it believes in the importance of ethics.

Official stockists include Peter Burrowes; a London based contemporary Jewellers with a shop based on Edgware Road and an online store at. The company is renowned for its enviable selection of fashionable jewellery and watches. Peter Burrowes was founded in the 1930’s by the Russian watchmaker, Julian Lewis who’s principles and family run ethos continue to shape the firm more than seventy years later.

Peter Burrowes sell a wide range of fashion watches and jewellery from leading fashion brands at online store such as Gucci watches, Tissot watches, Guess watches, DKNY watches and jewellery, Emporio Armani watches and jewellery, Calvin Klein CK watches and jewellery, Chronotech watches, DG watches, Diesel watches and jewellery, Gc watches, Breitling watches for men, LTD watches, Michael Kors watches, TAG Heuer, Police watches, Rotary watches, TechnoMarine watches, Breitling Watches, W


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