How to use this forum!

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How to use this forum!

Post  Clair18F on Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:40 pm

A little confusing as to why it's a yahoo group and a forum and fotki right?? Well here is where it gets broken down for you!!

The yahoo group - that is where you will be receiving all of your mass tags. Mass tags are tags that are made up for everyone currently participating in the swap. So anyone doing mass tags would send them to You can find these tags in the same email that you used to join the group.
**Make sure you have your forum name listed on the database on the yahoo group so we are able to keep everyone straight if they don't use the same name.

Our fotki page - this is how we are able to keep the swaps anonymous! Everyone uses the same name and password during the swap and uploads to the appropriate folder.

This forum - here will be all rules and instructions on the swaps. Also all signups will take place here. Everyone's information will be stored here until the swap. You will have a little Smile if your information has been accepted so make sure you check back to make sure you're not missing anything. Once the signups have closed the thread will be locked. You will be emailed the name of your secret sista and you will use the information they provided on the signup thread to get their tags together.

Benefits of doing it this way - it's easier to see information because all rules and signups are in one place! No more reminder emails to make sure everyone has seen the signups! Also it cuts down on the amount of work on not only me but everyone!! Now all lists will be stored so we know who's been buddies with who previously. Your sista's information is located in the same spot so no worries about not getting emails or losing them!!

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